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The Media Magician 

Andreas Axmann inspires any audience with a magnificent variety of digital special effects. His area of expertise lies in integrating digital-real effects with the iPad. As a digital native, he playfully and authentically approaches mobile devices and social media. His interactive show is perfectly suited for companies that work closely with digitalization. The Media Magician encourages creative thinking, eliminates skepticism towards new media, and provides a welcome change of pace at any lecture or conference meeting.
It’s APPsolutely brilliant!


“The thunderous applause and standing ovation show you how much we all enjoyed your performance at our meeting!” Regine Lambertz, Accor Digital Days


The following shows in English are available for booking:


Stand-Up (Stage) 

This exceptional show has received multiple international awards. The Media Magician can make online purchases appear instantly from his iPad, transform a tablet into a 3D printer, or even shake sand out of beach holiday photos. Expand upon any iPad show with additional digital effects, e.g. making a notebook float in the cloud, telling the future with a smart watch, or causing an audience member’s smartphone to mysteriously vanish and reappear in an impossible location.
Info: Shows for up to 30 minutes available


Alternative Show-Talk “Augmented Realities”

Andreas Axmann developed the concept of a “show-talk” to uniquely tailor each program to a specific guest speaker. This version of his show provides an entertaining twist to any specialist talk or lecture on the topic of digitalization. How do we look beyond the horizon to develop new visions? How do we do things differently or better? We have to see the world through eyes of wonder and expand reality by taking a magical look at digital technology. A show-talk combines innovative special effects with informative content on the integration of digital technologies and reality. Augmented Realities is both inspirational and, most importantly, entertaining.


Close-Up (Table) 

Andreas Axmann surprises audiences by coming right to their tables during his interactive walk act. The Media Magician brings along his iPad mini to show a digital cigarette that really smokes, a virtual electrical outlet that really works, and how to tie a knot in a spoon both on screen and off. This version of the tablet show works without a stage in any space and encourages communication among guests. Digital special effects up close and personal!
Info: 1 to 2 hour sessions available, program repeats from table to table



Andreas Axmann would be happy to incorporate your logo in his show. Please send a high-resolution image in any format.


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  • Your show was really a complete success, and I hope you will have many more performances in our branch. Astrid Kasten, Partslife GmbH
  • The audience really appreciated it! Angeline Grandman, Efma
  • People were talking about your performance for days after our event. You have a great understanding of how to present your talent with puns and charm – you really impressed our staff! Petra Andre, Vectron International
  • The highlight of the evening! Passauer Neue Presse
  • You really impressed me. The experience was quite memorable. Thanks again! Albert Ewert, MPL AG
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