The Robot Act

„Man vs. machine“ is not the question. Joining forces with robots and artificial intelligence is the only way to successfully advance digitalization.

How human creativity and artificial intelligence complete each other

Find out more about how this act can be booked together with my Stand-Up program.

A lot has changed in European companies since I started specializing in digitization 8 years ago. After an initial step backwards, we’ve caught up internationally, and digitization is a key topic everywhere.

What’s the next big thing? Experts agree: artificial intelligence!

Since AI is not visible and always needs some sort of “body,” I chose a robot. In the future, it will be normal to live together and work with machines privately and professionally.

Info: The Robot Act lasts about 8 minutes, but can be extended by up to 30 minutes with the regular program. A surcharge is applied to account for additional overhead. Sufficient space on stage is required. Transport must be done by car and depends on the tour schedule. If it’s not possible to meet these conditions, there are alternatives to the „Man and Machine“ and „Artificial Intelligence“ acts in the standard program!

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